Best Milford Sound Cruise + Tips for Planning your Visit

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包围峡湾Na的令人惊叹的风景tional Park, visiting Milford Sound in New Zealand is a must! Specifically, a Milford Sound cruise allows you to experience this incredible landscape in a unique way. Read on for what to expect and which cruises are best.

South Island New Zealand Milford Sound

Milford Sound (“Piopiotahi”in Māori) is arguably New Zealand’s most spectacular natural attraction (and that’s saying something!).

Carved by ancient glaciers and surrounded bytowering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and lush rainforests, this stunning natural wonder is remote and wild.

A visit to this untouched wilderness tops many travelers’ lists ofthings to do in New Zealand, and a Milford Sound cruise is one of the best ways to experience it.

Milford Sound Cruise Guide

For more tips and advice for planning your Milford Sound cruise, jump to the following sections (or just keep scrolling to see it all!).

And if you want more information to plan your trip to Milford Sound, be sure to check out our other guides:

Milford Sound Cruise New Zealand

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About Milford Sound

Milford Sound Cruise New Zealand

Milford Sound is actually not a sound at all, but a fjord, and the most renowned of its kind in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand. These fjords were shaped by glacial erosion over millions of years.

Originally named Piopiotahi by the Māori over a millennium ago, European settlers later coined it “Milford Sound.” While both sounds and fjords are valleys filled with seawater, the term “sound” typically refers to a valley formed by river flooding, whereas fjords result from glacial valleys.

Today, Milford Sound isone of New Zealand’s top tourist attractions, drawing nearly 900,000 visitors in 2019 before the pandemic. With its lush native forests, countless waterfalls, and abundant wildlife, it’s easy to see why.

This is one of those must-see places that lives up to its reputation, making itan essential stop on yourSouth Island itinerary.

Will you be visiting both islands on your trip?We also have a2-week North Island itinerarythat you can copy!

English language note:In this article, we’ll be using “fjord” and “fiord” interchangeably.

Milford Sound cruise landmarks

Milford Sound New Zealand

No matter which company you book with, your boat will follow the same basic route from the ferry terminal to the mouth of the Tasman Sea and back. Below are a few of the incredible sights you can expect to see on your cruise.

Bowen Falls

Bowen Falls Milford Sound New Zealand

At a whopping 162 meters (531 feet), Lady Bowen Falls is thehighest waterfall in Milford Soundand the first major landmark you’ll see on your cruise.

Tucked out of sight from the port, rounding the corner to see this dramatic falls is sure to take your breath away. Stand out on the deck of your Milford Sound cruise and you just might be kissed by the ethereal mist.

But Bowen Falls isn’t just an awe-inspiring tourist attraction; she’s also an important resource – this mighty cascade provides power and hydro for the local township.

Fun Fact:Of the many waterfalls in Milford Sound, only two are permanent – Bowen Falls and Stirling Falls. The rest come and go depending on rainfall.

Fairy Falls

Though smaller than some of its neighbors, Fairy Falls is no less breathtaking. The cliffs here are covered in plush moss, creating翠绿的背景翻滚的水that contrasts with the imposing rock settings of other Milford Sound waterfalls.

Fairy Falls and neighboring Bridal Veil Falls are best seen after (or during!) a rainfall, as the falls will be bigger and more active.

Seal Rock

Seal Rock Milford Sound New Zealand

Get your camera ready to capture the playful antics ofnative New Zealand fur seals!

Most of Milford Sound is walled by sheer cliff faces, but there’s one large rock that provides a perfect spot for seals to rest in the sunshine and out of reach of predators.

The aptly named Seal Rock is a favorite among visitors to Milford Sound. It offers an opportunity to see these endearing marine mammals in their natural habitat, napping and sunbathing on the rock or frolicking in the water nearby.

Stirling Falls

Stirling Falls Milford Sound New Zealand
Stirling Falls Milford Sound New Zealand

From a distance, your eyes might trick you into thinking Stirling Falls isn’t that big, as the scale is masked by thedramatic mountainous backdrop. But don’t be fooled; over 150 meters (492 feet) tall, Stirling is Milford Sound’s second-highest waterfall.

The majestic Stirling Falls is known for itssheer drop into deep waterthat allows boats to get close to the base of the cascade. Getting up close and personal with the roaring, pounding falls is a total rush!

Insider Tip:When you head back to your car after the cruise, be sure to check out南加州爱迪生公司这nic lookout.Located behind the parking lot near the information center, it’s an easy 10-minute return walk to a stunning view of Mitre Peak.

Best Milford Sound cruises

There are tons of tour operators offering similar cruises with minor differences (e.g. boat size, food options). Then there are tours that offer additional experiences, such askayaking or helicopter rides. Some also include transportation to and from Te Anau or Queenstown.

The tour you choose will depend on where you’re staying, how much time you have, your budget, and your interests. Below are some of our top picks for tours that include a Milford Sound scenic cruise.

Cruise & Kayak Milford Sound

Cruise & Kayak Milford Sound (Get Your Guide)
Image source: Get Your Guide

Thishighly-rated Milford Sound touroffers an immersive experience. Start by cruising the full length of the fjord, followed by a visit to the Underwater Observatory to see rare black coral. Then, paddle the glacial waters of sheltered Harrison Cove with an experienced nature guide.

Tea, coffee, and a picnic lunch are included in this tour.

What guests are saying:

“Excellent day! Cruise around the sound was a great way to see all the beauty of the sound […] Guide was knowledgeable and funny. The kayaking was fun and our guide was great at giving kayaking tips and knowledge about Milford. Would highly recommend”

– Veronica, July 2023

From Te Anau: Milford Sound Cruise and Coach Day Trip

From Te Anau Milford Sound Cruise & Coach (Get Your Guide)
Image source: Get Your Guide
  • Starting point location:Visitor’s Centreon Lakefront Drive in Te Anau
  • Duration:8 hours
  • Price:$215 NZD (~$125 USD)

Thisexcursion from Te Anauis a great way to experience Milford Sound if you’re not self-driving. Round-trip transportation from Te Anau is included via a glass-roof bus, which allows you to admire all the beautiful scenery along the way.

You’ll then embark on a 2-hour cruise of the fjord. You can purchase lunch onboard or pack your own. Afterward, the comfortable coach will take you back to Te Anau.

What guests are saying:

“Loved Milford Sound, it was like being in another world. Our guide was professional and informative. The bus was great. The open ceilings were perfect for viewing all the wonderful surroundings. The boat was also perfect. […]”

– Laura, July 2023

Boutique Small Boat Cruise

Boutique Small Boat Cruise (Get Your Guide)
Image source: Get Your Guide

Thissmall boat cruise提供了一个more intimate experience than some of the larger Milford sound tours. It also offers opportunities not found on the larger boats, like passing underneath Fairy Falls and Stirling Falls for a famous “glacial facial.”

What guests are saying:

“We had the best time on this beautiful cruise in Milford Sounds! The boat is smaller than some of the other ones at the terminal which meant we could get closer to the waterfalls and to the seals sunbathing on the rocks […] Our captain was very knowledgeable and provided some great commentary throughout the cruise. It was the perfect length and the complimentary tea, coffee and cookies were an added bonus […]

– Meg, April 2023

Milford Sound Cruise, Coach and Walks

Mliford Sound Cruise Coach & Walks (Get Your Guide)
Image source: Get Your Guide
  • Starting point location:Pickup from your central Te Anau accommodation
  • Duration:1 day
  • Price:$245 NZD (~$143 USD)

With a max of 15 people, thisintimate Milford Sound day tourmakes a perfect day trip from Te Anau.

Relax on a scenic drive along the breathtaking Milford Road before boarding a 2-hour cruise of Milford Sound. Enjoy a complimentary picnic lunch onboard.

After the cruise, your guide will lead you on some unforgettable 5 – 30-minute nature walks and scenic stops within Fjordlands National Park before returning to Te Anau.

What guests are saying:

“Fantastic tour with pick up/drop off at our hotel. Great info and learnt a lot. Views are amazing with plenty of time for stops along the drive. Saw waterfalls, penguins, dolphins and seals during the boat tour. Highly recommend! […]

– Sheree, Oct. 2023

From Queenstown: Milford Sound Coach + Nature Cruise Day Trip

From Queenstown Cruise & Coach Day Trip (Get Your Guide)
Image source: Get Your Guide

If you want to experience Milford Sound as aday trip from Queenstown, this tour is an excellent choice.

A luxurious glass-roof bus takes you along the scenic shores of Wakatipu before making a stop in Te Anau. As you traverse the famous Milford Road, you’ll have chances to stop for photos and short walks.

During your 2-hour Milford Sound nature cruise, you’ll enjoy live commentary from your nature guide, with snacks and drinks available for purchase from the licensed bar onboard. Afterward, relax on the bus back to Queenstown.

What guests are saying:

“[…] It was absolutely spectacular!! Truly a wonder of the world! Our guide Paulie entertained us the whole ride up with interesting facts, ancient stories, and personal experiences. […]”

– Kim, Aug. 2023

Milford Sound 2-Hour Small Boat Scenic Cruise

2-Hour Small Boat Cruise (Get Your Guide)
Image source: Get Your Guide

Thissmall boat scenic cruisehas everything you need for a memorable tour of Milford Sound.

Enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, and hot chocolate onboard as you cruise the length of the fjord, watching for wildlife and making frequent stops at noteworthy landmarks.

What guests are saying:

“We had an amazing time and loved the whole trip. We were very happy that we chose a smaller boat because we were able to get so close to the waterfalls and had dolphins right next to us. It was one of the most impressive experiences I’ve ever had and I would recommend it to everyone”

– Emma, Aug. 2023

Milford Sound Cruise & Underwater Observatory

Milford Sound Cruise & Underwater Observatory (Get Your Guide)
Image source: Get Your Guide

Experience Milford Sound both above and below the surface on thiscombination tour.

Your cruise will bring you within an arm’s length of rock walls and cascades, giving you a chance to taste the glacial waters of Stirling Falls.

After the cruise, you’ll visit the Milford Sound Underwater Observatory, where a large viewing area will allow you to see native marine wildlife in their natural habitat.

What guests are saying:

“Absolutely fantastic cruise, highly recommend! The guide on the boat was great. Provided exceptional information and commentary. Very friendly staff and competent. Toilet facilities on board, food and drinks available and very clean. […]”

– Melissa, July 2023

Milford Sound Overnight Cruise

Image source:RealNZ
  • Starting point location:Milford Sound Terminal
  • Duration:1 night, departs 4 p.m., arrives 9:15 the following morning
  • Price:Prices vary depending on cabin; $699 NZD (~$400 USD) for an adult double cabin

Experience the magic of Milford Sound with an overnight cruise aboard the iconic Milford Mariner. Spend a night surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of this pristine fiord and wake up to a dawn that will leave you in awe.

你一夜的旅程包括accomm舒适odation in private cabins with ensuite bathrooms or cozy bunk-style compartments. Indulge in a sumptuous 3-course buffet dinner and savor a cooked breakfast, expertly prepared by the onboard chef.

What sets this experience apart is the presence of a specialist nature guide on board, enhancing your understanding of the unique ecosystem and wildlife. You can choose to explore the pristine shoreline by kayak or small boat, getting up close and personal with the stunning surroundings.

Milford Track: Full Day Guided Hike and Nature Cruise

Milford Track Guided Hike & Nature Cruise (GYG)
Image source: Get Your Guide
  • Starting point location:Mitre Peak Cruise Counter in theMain Visitor Terminal
  • Duration:7 hours
  • Price:$304 NZD (~$175 USD)

Thisfull-day Milford Sound adventureincludes a morning guided walk along the Milford Track to Giant Gate Waterfall, offering picturesque natural views.

After the hike, you’ll enjoy an afternoon Milford Sound small-boat nature cruise, where you can witness the geological marvels of the area, keep an eye out for wildlife like seals and dolphins, and admire the stunning scenery.

The 7-hour tour, limited to a small group of 12 participants, includes a 4-hour guided walk with a professional hiking guide, water taxi transportation, safety equipment, hot drinks, and hotel pick-up and drop-off. It’s a great opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Milford Sound by both land and water.

Milford Sound scenic flights

For those with a bigger budget, a scenic flight is an exciting and adventurous way to get the most out of your experience. You’ll see a lot more, and from a unique perspective. Below are our top picks for tours that include both aMilford Sound cruise and a scenic flight.

From Queenstown: Milford Sound Full-Day Trip by Plane & Boat

Full-Day Trip by Plane & Boat (Get Your Guide)
Image source: Get Your Guide
  • Starting point location:Pickup available at 26 locations around Queenstown or meet at39 Lucas Place
  • Duration:5 hours
  • Price:$645 NZD (~$377 USD)

Get a unique perspective of Milford Sound on this combinationairplane and boat tour.

Enjoy spectacular views as you soar over the mountains in a Cessna, heading for Milford Sound. After the 40-minute flight, you’ll hop on a 2-hour cruise down the fjord. Your pilot will take a different flight path back to Queenstown so you can see as much of the national park as possible.

What guests are saying:

“This tour is exceptional! The plane is great and everybody gets a window, so you can fully enjoy the experience. […] The cruise is also a very nice experience because it gets close to the falls and if lucky you can spot some of the marine animals. The views are spectacular, just like being inside a movie! […]

– Alejandra, July 2023

From Queenstown: Milford Sound Flight and Boat Cruise

From Queenstown Flight & Boat Cruise (Get Your Guide)
Image source: Get Your Guide
  • Starting point location:Pickup from your central Queenstown accommodation
  • Duration:4.5 hours
  • Price:$625 NZD (~$365 USD)

Thishalf-day tour from Queenstownis a perfect way to see the highlights of Milford Sound and the surrounding area.

From Queenstown, your Cessna will fly over the Southern Lakes and Tutoko Glacier. If time permits, your pilot will guide you on a bush walk through the rainforest to Milford Sound, where you’ll set out on a sightseeing cruise.

Afterward, your pilot will take a different route back to Queenstown, showing you such famous landmarks as Sutherland Falls, Lake Te Anau, and Lake Wakatipu.

What guests are saying:

“[…] The flight was fantastic with beautiful scenery. […] The cruise through Milford Sound was a great experience. We had such a great time and would highly recommend this tour.”

– Carla, April 2023

Milford Sound Fiord Cruise & Helicopter Glacier Landing

Fiord Cruise & Glacier Landing (Get Your Guide)
Image source: Get Your Guide
  • Starting point location:Pickup available from all Queenstown hotels
  • Duration:4 hours
  • Price:$1,220 NZD (~$713 USD)

Thisadventurous tourcombines two of our favorite New Zealand experiences: a Milford Sound cruise and a helicopter glacier landing.

First, fly to the town of Milford, where you’ll embark on a scenic fjord cruise. Then, hop back on the helicopter for an exhilarating flight over the stunning Southern Alps, dotted with alpine lakes and glacial rivers.

Finally, your pilot will land on a glacier, giving you a chance to enjoy panoramic views and take once-in-a-lifetime photos before returning to Queenstown.

What guests are saying:

“A once in a lifetime experience. […] We thoroughly enjoyed everything about the amazing tour from beginning to end. Our helicopter pilot Alfie has been flying for 40 years, so we felt very safe at all times ”

– Ron, Dec. 2022

Alternative: Doubtful Sound Tours

Doubtful Sound Fiordland National Park New Zealand
Our Director of Content, Amanda, did an overnight cruise of Doubtful Sound with Real Journeys

Adventurous souls looking for an alternative to Milford Sound can book a tour to the far more remote (and far less crowded) Doubtful Sound.

The Māori named itPatea, meaning “place of silence”, so Doubtful is also sometimes called “The Sound of Silence” (cue Simon & Garfunkel!). But again, this is a fjord, not a sound.

Whereas Milford is heavily trafficked by tourists,Doubtful Sound is an untouched wildernessthat has barely changed since it was discovered. There’s no settlement here and no way to self-drive, so many travelers skip it.

But those who make the trip are handsomely rewarded with a tranquil escape where you can marvel at the awe-inspiring landscapes while listening to birdsong echoing off the cliffs.

Do it yourself:

The only way to visit Doubtful Sound is to join a tour departing from Queenstown, Te Anau, or Manapouri. There are lots of options to choose from, all with varying prices and inclusions. Click the button below to find a tour that works for you.

Our personal pick:Thisovernight Doubtful Sound cruisesounds magical! It is on our list for our next NZ trip! Our Director of Content, Amanda, did this exact cruise when she visited New Zealand with her family and raves about the experience.

FAQs about Milford Sound tours

Milford Sound cruise New Zealand

Now that you have our recommendations for a Milford Sound cruise, here are some other things to consider as you plan your trip.

How long is the Milford Sound cruise?

There are tons of tour options that vary drastically in length depending on what else is included, butthe cruise itself usually takes about 2 hours.

How much does a Milford Sound cruise cost?

Milford Sound cruise New Zealand

If you’re JUST looking at the cruise itself, the cost is usually around $80-90 USD per person. Again, if you choose a tour with more to it (e.g. transportation, kayaking, helicopter ride, etc.), you’ll need to budget more.

Also, keep in mind thatyou may need to buy lunch or pack your ownif it isn’t included in your tour.

Psst!Check out our money-saving tips fortraveling New Zealand on a budget.

Will the cruise still run if it’s raining?

Milford Sound cruise New Zealand

Absolutely! In fact, locals say thatMilford Sound is even better in the rain.

A good rainfall can create hundreds, if not thousands, of temporary waterfalls tumbling down the cliffs surrounding the fjord. Plus, the extra mist adds an ethereal, otherworldly quality to the experience.

That said,some tours may be affected by weather conditions– especially those that include airplane or helicopter flights.

Fun Fact:The heavy rainfall in Fiordlands creates a unique effect in Milford Sound. Rainwater collects tannins as it runs through the forest into the fjord, making it darker. Because the fresh water is less dense than the seawater, it sits on top, forming a dark layer that blocks light and creates an environment usually only found in the deep ocean.

Do cruise ships go into Milford Sound?

Currently, yes. However, the New Zealand government initiative Milford Opportunities has recommended that cruise ships be banned from entering the fjord in an effort to help relieve stress on this delicate environment.

Is Milford Sound really worth it?

Milford Sound cruise New Zealand
It’s hard to appreciate the scale of Milford Sound just by looking at photos, but if you can spot the teeny boat in this photo, you’ll get an idea of how big it really is!

YES. Milford Sound is more than just “doing the thing in the place”. It is truly abucket-list experienceand photos don’t do it justice.

If you can swing it, we’d recommend doing something more immersive than just the cruise, likethis tourthat combines aboat cruise and kayaking.

Insider tips for booking your Milford Sound cruise

Milford Sound cruise New Zealand

Here are a few tips and tricks that will be helpful when booking your Milford Sound cruise:

  • Book your tour in advance. Whether you’re just doing the cruise or a longer tour, book as early as you can to avoid disappointment.
  • There’s only one ferry terminal, and it’s shared by all the cruise operators. Each company has its own check-in desk inside.
  • The public car park is 300 meters from the terminal, so be sure to give yourself an extra 15-20 minutes before your check-in time to walk down.
  • Lunch may or may not be included.Be sure to double check with your tour provider so you know if you need to pack or buy lunch.
  • Wear layers, particularly a rain jacket.This is one of the rainiest places on Earth and even if it looks like a gorgeous day, the weather can change on a dime. Plus, you might get wet in the mist from the falls.
  • The best views are on the upper deck, but if you want or need to be able to sit, arrive early so you can claim a good seat.

Our honest opinion


Milford Sound is one of those places you justhave tovisit when you’re in New Zealand. And even though it’s on mostNZ itineraries, it is worthy of the hype.

I personally think a Milford Sound cruise is anabsolute must-do.

The only way toreallyexperience Milford Sound and see its nooks and crannies and hidden waterfalls is by boat. Plus, the boat tours are really affordable, considering where you are.

I’ll be honest and say there wasn’t anything too memorable about the boat, the crew, or the tour itself.The scenery is what you come for.

现在,船游的大多数是或多或少的the same. The biggest difference is the size of the boat.We’d recommend booking a smaller boatif it works with your budget and timeframe.

Our biggest regret is that we didn’t domorethan the boat tour.

I would have loved to do akayaking tour of Milford Soundas well. I’ve heard incredible things and on our next visit(yes, there will be a next visit!), we will definitely do a kayaking tour too.

Do yourself a favor and book a Milford Sound cruise if it is at all of interest to you.This is the one we’d choosebecause it combines a boat cruise with a kayak tour – the best of both worlds!

We also thinkthis overnight cruise in Doubtful Soundlooks incredible. Further off the tourist path than Milford Sound, this would feel like discovering a hidden gem of sorts. Plus, the tour includes a 3-course dinner and earns rave reviews.

Can you imagine waking up in a place like this?! Definitely a splurge-worthy experience that is on our personal bucket list!

Best time to visit Milford Sound

Milford Sound

In our opinion,the best time to visit Milford Sound is in November.Deciding on when to take your Milford Sound cruise can be tricky, but here’s why we think November is the sweet spot:

  • Temperatures are comfortable.这是新西兰之间的肩膀的季节spring and summer, so things are starting to warm up and the days are getting longer.
  • You’ll avoid peak tourist season.December to February is New Zealand’s summer, which sees bigger crowds and higher prices.
  • You have a better chance of seeing wildlife, as marine life such as penguins and seals are more active in the spring and fall.
  • You actuallywantsome rain.That’s right, with atmospheric mists and too many waterfalls to count, Milford Sound is at its best in the rain! The South Island’s west coast is notorious for rain at all times of year, but December and January are the wettest months.

We would personallyavoid visiting during peak tourist season(December to February), when Milford Sound will be at its most crowded and huge cruise ships might be coming into the fjord. We would alsoavoid visiting in the winter(June to August), when you may be faced with icy driving conditions and closures on Milford Road.

For an in-depth guide on the regional seasons, weather patterns, and other factors, check out our complete guide to thebest time to visit New Zealand.

How to get to Miford Sound

Milford Sound Cruise New Zealand

While some tours include transportation to and from Te Anau or Queenstown, you might be driving to Milford Sound yourself if you’rerenting a caror doing acampervan road trip. There’s only one way in, and it’s pretty freakin’ spectacular: the Milford Road.

From Te Anau

Milford Road New Zealand

Distance:118 km / 73 miles

Time:2.5 hours minimum

The section of State Highway 94 from Te Anau to Milford Sound is known as theMilford Road. The route is straightforward since you’ll be staying on 94 the whole time, but there are some important things you need to know before making this drive:

  • Give yourself more time than Google Maps says.Traffic will be heavy as everyone makes their way to Milford Sound for their cruises. Plus, this drive is so astonishingly beautiful that you’ll want to stop at landmarks along the way. Trust me.
  • There are no services on this road.Make sure you have a full tank leaving Te Anau, as well as snacks, water, and anything else you need for the drive.
  • There’s also no cell service, so download your maps before heading out.This articleexplains how to download offline Google Maps if you’re not familiar with the process.
  • It can be dangerous in the winter, and the road will close if there’s an avalanche advisory. Check conditions before leaving and bring emergency gear, including snow chains.

From Queenstown

Devil's Staircase Queenstown New Zealand

Distance:288 km / 179 miles

Time:4.5 hours minimum

Though it may look closer on a map, there’s no route to Milford Sound from Queenstown as the crow flies, so you’ll still need to go through Te Anau.

Take State Highway 6 out of Queenstown, heading south along the shores of Lake Wakatipu. In Lowther, turn right onto Highway 97. Turn right again in Mossburn onto Highway 94, which you’ll stay on all the way to Milford Sound. Don’t forget tostop in Te Anau for gas and supplies.

Staying in Queenstown?You’ll definitely want to read our list of thebest things to doin this adventurous city!

穿什么,pack for a Milford Sound cruise

Milford Sound Cruise New Zealand
  • Wear layers
  • 水proof rain jacket:choose one that also works as a windbreaker if possible, as it can get very windy
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen:one of the mostimportant things to know about New Zealandis there is a hole in the ozone layer above the country, meaning you’ll likely burn more quickly than you’re used to
  • Snacks(there aren’t many food options in Milford Sound)
  • Camera
  • Battery bank:to keep your phone charged
  • Gloves and a beanie:these are nice to have if you’re doing an early morning Milford Sound cruise
  • Pressure point bandsto prevent seasickness
  • Travel insurance: We NEVER travel without it!

Be sure to download ourcomplete packing list for New Zealand! It’s packed with good suggestions and insider tips to help plan your New Zealand trip. And it’s completely FREE, so why not!?



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Or, let us do the planning for you!

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