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Does making money as a blogger sound like your absolute dream job, but you don’t know where to start?

  • Still struggling to figure out how to grow your traffic?
  • Wondering how to turn traffic into money?
  • Feeling completely overwhelmed with allllll the tasks and figuring out where to even start?!

We’re here to help!

Blogging Bootcamp

Gain the skills you need in our Blogging Bootcamp to put you on the fast-track to earning an income from your blog.

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Our road map to blogging success will teach you…

✓ Exactly how we began earning six figures with our blog & how you can too.
✓ How to find, connect with and grow your audience.
✓ How to create blog content people
actuallywant to consume.
✓ The meaning of fancy technical terms like “SEO” and “keywords” in language you can actually understand.
✓ Proven strategies for driving more traffic to your blog.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“[The Blogging Bootcamp] was a HUGE resource to me as I was a new blogger just starting out. There’s a lot of advice out there, but to get so much advice from one source and for it to be so authentic. Nothing felt salesy or fake (which, I’m sure you know, a lot of other sites sometimes do). I’ve actually gone through the whole course 3 times, and have evenmadeencouraged my husband to take it to help him shape his mindset that blogging IS a real career (if done a certain way) and that we can support ourselves.

Since following your advice, I’ve actually started supporting myself with my blog, and you guys honestly felt fundamental in that learning process.”Kayla I.

“I can tell you guys spent a lot of time on this course and I greatly appreciate it! You deliver the best strategies, practices, and tips in a way that anyone can understand. You do it in such a genuine way that doesn’t feel “salesy” and I truly feel like you’re trying to just help people live their lives as bloggers. Thank you for taking the time to create such a jam-packed course…Keegan B.

“Wow guys, this was such good advice! It really shows us that we have a ways to go in honing our approach to structuring our blog posts. BUT, it is also encouraging because I think we’re on the right track. Whenever we have written more long format content that provides comprehensive information like guides and things to know, what to see, and so on, it’s been infinitely more visited. Thank you!”Christine S.

Thanks so much for your work in putting together this blogging bootcamp! I am very new to blogging, and just starting to build my website. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, so I found this course to be an immensely helpful introduction to the blogging world.”Sarah V.

Blogging Bootcamp | Two Wandering Soles

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What you’ll get:

✓ 12 lessons in PDF format you can work through at your own pace
✓ Actionable steps you can take to start your blogging journey off the right way
✓ Insider tips (things that took us years to learn!) to help grow your blog income FASTER


  • Lesson 1 | Find your Audience:Honing in on your niche and writing to connect
  • Lesson 2 | Goal Setting for Bloggers:Planning for success with big, realistic and achievable blogging goals
  • Lesson 3 | Monetizing your Blog:Actionable steps to begin earning money on your blog today
  • Lesson 4 | Developing a Keyword Strategy:理解和implementing keywords for success
  • Lesson 5 | Anatomy of an Article:How to write articles for Googleandyour audience
  • Lesson 6 | Headline Writing 101:Learn to write eye-catching, click-worthy headlines
  • Lesson 7 | SEO Basics:Breaking down Search Engine Optimization in terms you can understand
  • Lesson 8 | Gathering Backlinks:How to achieve high-quality backlinks for your blog
  • Lesson 9 | Driving Traffic with Pinterest:Understanding the Pinterest algorithm and best practices
  • Lesson 10 | Updating Articles for Traffic Gains:The best way to improve rankings with the least effort
  • Lesson 11 | Affiliate Marketing 101:Getting started with this (主要是) passive income stream
  • Lesson 12 | Advertising Best Practices:How to get started and play nice with ad networks

So what are you waiting for?
Commit to growing your blog and invest in yourself today!

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Still need some convincing?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

Passionate bloggers who are ready to level up their skillset and start blogging like a pro to earn an income from their blog.

This course has information that is helpful for ALL niches. Since our background is in travel blogging, many (but not all) of our examples are about the travel niche. However, everything that is taught in this course is applicable to any blogging niche.

Are you consistently making an income from your blog? Is your traffic continuing to grow at a steady pace? Are you comfortable implementing SEO on your website and posts and feel confident your SEO strategy is working for you?

If you answered no to any of these questions, Blogging Bootcamp is for you.

一旦你完成你的购买你将立竿见影ly be given links to download the PDFs for the 12 lessons in this course. We chose to deliver the information in our Blogging Bootcamp via PDF so youcan access it from anywhere(offline and on your mobile devices!) andwork through it at your own pace.

Because this course is delivered in PDF format, it is designed for you to work through entirely at your own pace.

This is something we are asked frequently, and while we truly wish we had the time to do this for everyone, however, we are just two people (who are also busy parents!) and we simply don’t have enough hours in the day.

We stand behind the value of this course and we want you to be happy too. If for some reason you are not satisfied, please contact us.

I’m ready to invest in myself and start earning money with my blog!

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What others have to say about our Blogging Bootcamp

I really resonated with your blogger Bootcamp, especially the bit about writing as a blogger and not a writer. Like you, Katie, I studied journalism and thought that my travel stories would catch on if I just kept writing. So I had lots of content and no direction (or traffic). I started writing with an SEO focus and purchased KeySearch after taking your class. I have a LOT more to do to rewrite and build my content buckets and opt-ins, but I’m getting there.” –Jennifer N.

You guys have done a phenomenal job and this Toolkit is super. The Bootcamp was super useful. Working on putting it into practice!” –Carolyn M.

It’s Antony here, I took part in the blogging course that you guys put together, I found it super helpful and very informative. So a BIG THANK YOU for that, it was well put together. I have a notepad crammed with information from your blogging course in the form of notes and scribbles. Sending daily tasks and lessons made it super easy to digest, I took loads from it. The reason for this email is just to say a big thank you to you both.” –Antony P.

Thank you so much for all the information and guidance. This has helped me immensely! I am slowly applying what I have learned to my blogging.”Josanne Y.