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Meet Katie & Ben

We’re a Minnesotan couple that suffer from a bad case of adrenaline cravings, the urge to eat everything (& anything!), and incurable wanderlust. We created Two Wandering Soles to help other travel to their dream destinations and to explore in a way that puts more good into the world. We believe that travel is different for each person, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it.


Get Inspired

Where do you want to go? We’re in a constant state of wanderlust. For us, travel inspiration happens when we stumble upon a stunning picture or engaging story. Check out some of our top articles and let us give you a bad case of wanderlust.

Dream. Plan. Go. Travel Inspiration | Two Wandering Soles

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This country is where we metthe friendliest people in the world.

This country hasour very favorite food!

We are obsessed with thebeaches in this country!

This country has the moststunning landscapes in the world.

Gotrekking for daysin this extreme, yet peaceful country.

Wetaught English in this countryfor one year.

Treehouse Views | Two Wandering Soles

Responsible Travel

We pride ourselves in traveling ethically. We research companies and make an effort to go through ones that are socially responsible and doing good in their community. We by no means are perfect 100% of the time (nobody is). Traveling ethically is a constant learning process, but it’s our goal to share our experiences with others and show that you minimize your footprint and contribute to some amazing organizations around the world, all while still sticking to a budget.

Responsible Travel Tips

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Planning Your Trip

We’ve learned a lot (A LOT) over the years about travel planning, and we want to share because we know exactly how it feels to be lost in the whole planning process. From visas to currency to booking hotels, travel can seem impossible at times. So we’ve laid it all out for you in a simple step-by-step planning guide.

Hierve el Agua | Two Wandering Soles

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Packed for Adventures | Two Wandering Soles

Travel Gear & Essentials

We’re travel gear nerds! We have a huge stash of backpacks, electronics and other gadgets meant to make your travels better. We share our honest opinions and only recommend gear we actually use ourselves. Whether your backpacking, road tripping in a campervan, or going on weekend holiday, this will make packing for your next vacation much easier.

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Van Life

我们最喜欢的佤邦之一ys to travel is in a campervan. The freedom you have with your home on wheels and a full tank of gas is indescribable. Hit the open road and read our tips on how to build your own campervan and where you can go!

Van Life | Two Wandering Soles
Travel Tips & Guides | Two Wandering Soles

Travel Tips & Guides

From short holidays to a year-long, round-the-world trip, we have picked up so many travel tips and hacks along the way. We are sharing our best advice so you can learn from our mistakes and have the time of your life on your travels!

Brilliant Travel Hacks

Wanna get paid to travel?

(Umm, who doesn’t?!) Starting a travel blog has opened up so many doors, and has presented us with some incredible opportunities. Our blog has allowed us to get paid while we travel the world. Blogging has changed our lives, and we want to show you how it can change yours. We have tons of honest and practical resources to help you start your own travel blog!

Travel Blogging
Travel Blogger Life | Two Wandering Soles